6 Signs Your Hearing Aid Needs Repair

With proper cleaning and maintenance, your hearing aid should provide years of reliable, improved hearing. Still, with numerous tiny working parts, your device may eventually require repair, even if you take excellent care of it. How do you know if your hearing aid needs to be fixed? Here are six signs to watch for.

No Sound

Before you panic, troubleshoot no sound coming from your hearing aid with these tips:

  • Double-check the on/off switch.
  • Adjust the volume.
  • Replace the battery.
  • Replace the tubing if it is clogged with wax or condensation.

Low Volume

If you turn the volume all the way up, yet sounds are still muffled, blocked tubing could be to blame. Having the tubing replaced might be the answer. However, the low volume could also be caused by weak microphone output, which requires hearing aid repair.

Your Hearing Comes and Goes

When sounds go in and out, even when the volume stays the same, this could mean the battery is failing. Replace it and see if that fixes the problem. If not, you need hearing aid repair from an audiologist.

Whistling Sound

Do you hear relentless whistling from your hearing aid? Try these tips:

  • Remove and carefully reposition the earpiece.
  • Clean your ears (using ear cleaner, not cotton swabs) to remove excess wax that could be contributing to the whistling.

If these troubleshooting tips don’t work, an ill-fitting earpiece could be the result of physical changes to your ear caused by weight fluctuations or illness. Your audiologists can answer questions about fixing or resizing your hearing aid.

Persistent Feedback

An annoying buzzing, crackling, or static sound is a sign of moisture buildup or other internal issues involving the microphone or speaker. An audiologist should be able to diagnose the problem and recommend the necessary repair.

Visible Physical Damage

Repeatedly dropping your hearing aid or sitting on it accidentally could result in physical damage. Small children and pets are also liable to harm your device, so keep it out of reach when not in use. Normal wear and tear is expected after a few years as well. If a part has become bent, cracked, scratched, or unhinged, bring your hearing aid to your audiologist for repair.

The hearing care professionals at Elite Hearing Centers of America would be happy to repair your broken or defective hearing aid. To restore improved hearing as soon as possible, don’t delay bringing in your damaged device! We will listen carefully as you describe what’s wrong and conduct testing to pinpoint any malfunctions. If we can repair your hearing aid in-office, we will do so absolutely free of charge! If the problem is more in-depth, we may need to send your hearing aid to the manufacturer for repair.

When you choose us for hearing aid repair, you can expect the highest quality service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 855-432-7354 or contact us online today. You’ll be glad you did!