not happy with your hearing aids?

Not Happy With Your Hearing Aids? Trade them In for the New Siemens Signia Nx 7 and get up to $2500!

Siemens Signia Hearing Aids are some of the best hearing aids in the world, made by the German electronics giant that has been around for over 350 years! So there is no surprise they’re also leading the Hearing Aid industry with technology and user satisfaction.

Our specialists at Elite Hearing Centers of America understand the benefit that technology has on better speech clarity and understanding and especially in crowded environments or while using our phones that’s why we are now giving you a chance to get into a Brand New pair of Siemens Signia hearing aids and willing to give you up to $2500 for your current hearing aids.

Schedule an appoint today at an Elite Hearing Centers’ Clinic Near You and speak to one of our experts about the new models and the benefits you can get. Here is a highlight of what’s new in the Siemens Signia Nx Links:

  • World-class speech clarity and understanding
  • Dynamic Frequency Range up to 12,000Hz
  • Award Winning TV and Music Steaming Technology
  • Industry Leading Noise Suppression Technology
  • iPhone Compatible for Phone calls and Audio Streaming
  • Full Lithium-Ion Batteries with over 24 hours of charge

And much more. Call or Click today. The $2500 trade in cash is exclusive to Elite Hearing Centers of America!

Not Happy with your hearing aids