Broken or defective hearing aid? We can fix it!

Stress-Free Hearing Aid Maintenance and Repairs

Hearing aids have small working parts, and it is not uncommon for a hearing aid to eventually need repair. You may try to turn the hearing aid on in the morning and find that there is no sound, or the battery door may come unhinged. These things happen, even when the hearing aids are properly cared for. If you experience an issue that needs repair, bring your hearing aid to our hearing aid professionals at an Elite Hearing Centers near you.

Experience at an Affordable Price

At Elite Hearing Centers, we understand that you have more to worry about than a malfunctioning or underperforming hearing aid device. That’s why our large team of experienced professionals is eager to address any hearing aid problems you’re experiencing at an affordable price.

Types of Hearing Aid Repairs

Occasionally, hearing aids exhibit problems with performance or fit that the user is unable to resolve on their own. When this happens, it might be time to bring them to a professional hearing aid repair shop such as Elite Hearing Centers for more help with your hearing aid repairs. These issues can include any type of malfunctioning or excessive feedback as well as physical damage to the devices. Elite Hearing Centers provides repairs for most major brands, including Starkey, Signia, and Phonak hearing aid repairs.

Hearing Aid Problems That Might Require New Devices

With daily use, hearing aids are expected to last 5 to 7 years. Once you have reached this time period, it becomes more likely that certain damage or malfunctioning is beyond repair. This is especially likely if there is extensive visible damage, or the devices have already been repaired several times

Contact Elite Hearing Centers About Your Hearing Aid Repairs

At Elite Hearing Centers, we’re ready to help you resolve any problems you’re experiencing with your current hearing aids. Whether they are in need of maintenance, repair, or even replacement, you can trust our experienced team to assist you efficiently and effectively. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.